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Conservation Focus at Manu

We all know how important it is to preserve our environment. The protection and preservation of native trees, insects and birds has been our focus for National Conservation Week this year. Kaiako Maree donated kōwhai seedlings for our whānau. These were readily received. The seedlings were a great means in developing more meaningful relationships and connections within our Manu community.

Our tamariki potted their seedlings and decorated their pots, incorporating literacy, creativity and empowerment of ownership of their seedlings. Wall displays featured native trees and bird resources, creating visual information for all to reference.

A spontaneous excursion was taken with tamariki walking around the neighbourhood to observe kōwhai trees in flower. This provided place based learning to explore and visualise, different sizes of trees as well as observe native kererū and tūī birds feeding off the nectar of the flowers. Later in the week when we went on Forest Friday several tamariki were pointing out kōwhai trees, tūī and kererū. This was evidence of learning being consolidated. And one morning Olive arrived at Manu excited as she had counted twelve kōwhai trees as her mum drove around the Crescent. This time the kōwhai were assisting in promoting numeracy learning opportunities.

A group of tamariki drew plans of bird houses and bug hotels and set about construction at the carpentry table. When their wonderful creations were completed these were proudly hung in the playground. Eagerly our tamariki have observed the birds and insect life. The seedlings, bug hotels and bird houses will be enjoyed for years to come.

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