Exploring Puke Ariki – Library and Museum

What a wonderful adventure we had on our excursion to Puke Ariki. We caught a public bus from Manu, for some children it was their first time having a ride on a bus this in itself was exciting. Our first stop at Puke Ariki was the Library, everyone settled down making themselves comfortable on cushions and listened to stories read by the librarians. They engaged us with puppetry, rhymes and opportunities for movement and music, before we independently explored the many facilities in the children’s section. What a great way to foster our love for literacy and language.

We then gathered our belongings and took a ride in the lift to the top floor and walked across the glass bridge. This took us over the road and into the Museum. We put our bags into a cage so we could all became detectives through participating in the great Ruru hunt.  Armed with our clues and our teams we set off to explore the many exhibits. Enjoying interacting with many interesting areas we gained lots of new information and marked off our Ruru sheet as we followed the clues and found the items. What a fabulous morning we had out in our community in a literacy rich environment.