Monthly Archives: September 2020

Peter and the Wolf

This term we have been exploring music, dance and puppetry. Our tamariki have embraced the art of performance within an environment adorned by tutus, puppets, costumes and a puppet theatre. We have listened to stories and danced to music, and performed our very own performances of Peter and the Wolf. This has been a fabulous build up to our excursion to visit the Val Deakin Theatre to watch dancers perform “Peter and the Wolf”. What an exciting adventure this was with a bus ride to the ballet and a visit to the playground on our way back to Manu.

These rich experiences have helped our tamariki to develop confidence through learning to take a risk to perform in front of others. Enriching language with opportunities to retell stories and movement through dance. Our excursion was an opportunity to grow a deepening sense of belonging at Manu and the confidence to explore within our wider community.