Monthly Archives: September 2019

Fire Station Visit

Throughout term three we have been learning all about fire safety and following the “Get Out and Stay Out” fire safety programme. We are very proud of all the knowledge our tamariki have gained and the quick responses they have had to our fire drills.

In addition across the curriculum there has been puzzles, creative art works, and a lot of rich dramatic play within the kindergarten. As our resident young fire fighters have put out fires, practiced sliding down the pole and saved soft toys from high within the trees. Through their play they discovered that to perform successful rescues safely, it requires team work. Working together to solve problems as to how to reach high places. Especially important, if there was a real fire no matter what they must, Get Out and Stay Out!

In consolidation of our fire safety learning we arranged a visit to the New Plymouth Fire Station. This was a special visit for our tamariki and especially special for Harrison as his dad Sam works as a firefighter. During our visit the Fire Officers had a call out, this allowed us to experience just how fast the Fire Officers respond as they dressed and jumped into the fire trucks and with the siren on, two engines left the station.