Monthly Archives: May 2019

Autumn Walk at Brooklands Park

What a fabulous day we had exploring Brooklands Park amongst the beautiful autumn leaves. This was a change to usual forest Friday adventures in the community orchard Shepherds Bush. We started our day by catching a city council bus to Kaimata Street park entrance. Just inside the park we came across a giant pine tree in which we tried to measure by everyone holding hands around the trunk of the tree. Wow! it took sixteen tamariki to measure around. We headed down the track and across the bridge to where the giant ginkgo tree is. Then back to the path to the bowl to have fun playing in the piles of autumn leaves. After this we headed to the conifer tree grove to collect pine cones and found many interesting discoveries of fungi to explore. We had our ropes and the plan was to use these in a secluded part of the park where we had used these previously. Time was running out and we made a decision to use an alternative spot that was closer to our meeting place. All tamariki were very keen to have a go demonstrating great balance and confidence. Tino pai rawa atu! This was a great way to finish off our Forest Friday autumn adventure in Brooklands Park.