Capital E National Theatre for Children – “SEASONS”

Capital E are a Children’s performance company who travel around New Zealand putting on live shows. This year we booked to attend their show called “Seasons” at the TSB Showplace. The show “Seasons” transports children through song, music, and puppetry into the four seasons – raumati, ngahuru, hōtoke and kōanga. With a journey into natures world of living creatures. 

We were very lucky to be selected for a pre show visit here at Manu on Friday 4th June from the cast. They entertained us with musical instruments enabling the children to become familiar with a xylophone, banjo and a piano accordion. We learned sign language and how to move our bodies to the four seasons. Then we got a very close look at some of their puppetry.

This was an excellent introductory session to the show that we attended on Tuesday 8th June. After attending the show we visited a local playground. What a wonderful way to explore our community within the current season and build on our tamariki sense of belonging.